As our planet seemingly becomes smaller and we find ourselves sharing an increasingly global workspace, one of the challenges we face is effective communication with people of different cultures. Interpersonal relationships are difficult at the best of times but when they are complicated by matters of language and culture the likelihood of misunderstandings, embarrassing moments, missed deadlines and even lost business deals is even greater.
  • Azumi O., Revenue Management
    "Over the past few years, Wiseplanet has supported me with comprehensive communication training that is creatively tailored to my professional success. With their broad expertise in the English language and practical cultural advice, Wiseplanet provides me with sophisticated, hands-on solutions to any type of request I bring to my training. As a Japanese working in an American corporate work environment, I have built a reputation for my strong English communication skills and I would highly recommend Wiseplanet if you are seeking to boost your own career success with professional and personalized service."
    Azumi O., Revenue Management
    Delta Air Lines
  • Luiz Fernando Azerado
    "I'm very fortunate that I had Michelle at Wiseplanet assisting me in my years living and working in the USA at an international architectural firm. She is a very sensible person who is able to identify and understand the cultural issues that a foreign professional has working in the U.S and to deliver different and efficient methods for improving spoken and written English."
    Luiz Fernando Azerado
    Archirect, Brazil
  • Teru Murata, Specialist for China and South East Asia Market, Pacific Revenue Management
    "As an international employee working for a global company I knew it was essential for me to be able to use correct pronunciation and intonation in my work environment and to understand American culture and appropriate expressions in business situations. Michelle, an experienced trainer in the Compton-P ESL Accent Modification method, helped me correct my typical pronunciation errors dramatically. In addition, she helped me recognize some important cultural differences between Western and Asian culture. One thing she told me to keep in mind is "Being humble may be good in Japan, but not in the United States... here, confidence is the key!"
    Teru Murata, Specialist for China and South East Asia Market, Pacific Revenue Management
    Delta Airlines, Atlanta